The Caledonien - Tahiti to Port Villa

There was by now a strong bond amongst the members of our group, I was the youngest and least experienced. Kennedy, an American from New York was some years older and was my idea of a real travel adventurer. He also had joined the boat in Panama, and had just completed a long raft trip down the Amazon river. HGD and Mel were immigrating to Australia, about the same age as Kennedy and true bohemians. As the next stop was Port Villa, talk soon came back around to my raft and whether or not it would be more sensible/realistic to continue on with everyone to Sydney, after all I was nearly out of money and jobs were plentiful in Australia in fact at this time people were being paid to immigrate there. When I reflect on these times now it seems really like a lost era when travel was a lot simpler and you didn't have to have a big bank account. You could arrive in Australia with no money, you would be automatically be granted Australian residency and work was available immediately. HGD said I could have enough money to get back to Port Villa in no time as well as arrive with money in my pocket. Not to mention all that there was to see in "Auzy".

Port Villa

It seemed hot and humid in Port Villa, after Tahiti it was a bit of a disappointment, there seemed here to be a completely different sort of atmosphere and even the climate seemed different, it only took me a short walk around to decide that everyone was right and that I should go on to Sydney. Fortunately it was a simple matter to stay on board and pay the remaining leg to Australia.... somehow it was though everyone including myself was quite relieved with this decision, now it was as though we shared a common bond, a common destiny, the outcome of which was beyond anything I had ever imagined.

Port Villa

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