French Decorative Bookbinding - Sixteenth Century

Atelier Royal - François Ier

Gid 150

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Comparative Diagram 1 - Gid rubbing 281 shown inverted with roulette type models.
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In this binding we find a different layout design than that of the previous examples, and we might wonder if it may be an earlier model. The heraldic animal in the EN c 3 roulette appears to be a dauphin, and in that case this binding would have to have been made around 1518 or later. In Comparative Diagram 1, I have enlarged the Gid rubbing to match the tool size. After this initial testing of the tool sizes and identities, we proceed to a virtual facsimile in Comparative Diagram 2.  We note that the roulette FL n 24, has replaced the FL n 19 used elsewhere in these bindings. It is found on only one other Gid binding (292) this covers a book printed in 1515. The design of the Gid 292 binding follows Gid's schema 1, that is two frames of roulettes linked with diagonal fillets, and more a kin to the previous bindings we have surveyed from this workshop.

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Comparative Diagram 2 - Virtual Gid 150 at 72dpi
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Fortunately this binding Gid 150 is linked to a binding found in the catalogue of BSG (Blind-tooled Bookbindings from the BIBLIOTHÈQUE SAINTE-GENEVIÈVE 12th -18th Centuries). Noted shown in the 150 data as S.G.; Rés. : Ms. 2413. We will look at this binding on the next page.

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