French Decorative Bookbinding - Eighteenth Century

Louis Douceur fl. 1721 - 1769
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Comparative Diagram 1 - 12 bindings by Louis Douceur 1749 - 1763.
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As we have demonstrated in the previous pages, the 12 bindings shown above are very likely to be from the workshop of Louis Douceur. In searching for bindings by Douceur I have encountered a number which were said to be the work of Douceur or said to have contained Douceur's ticket, I have not included them here as they did not exhibit any common tools. Also I have included three bindings where the quality of the image is poor but still good enough to for our purposes here which is to show the different dentelle configurations which may be particular to Douceur's work.

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Comparative Diagram 2 - Louis Douceur imprint catalogue (preliminary)
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In Comparative Diagram 2, I have assembled the imprints from the 12 bindings above, this is not a coplete inventory as I have not been able to get clear copies of all the imprints, (click on this link to see a 300 dpi enlargement).

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